June 23, 2018

[ F. Arrangement ] Corporate Branch Decor Our full-service team is able to assist with all aspects of seasonal theme/ event planning in be-spoken.

[ 商務佈置 ] 企業很欣賞我們的絲花質素及設計, 我們將中, 西設計的元素, 在牆身, 飾櫃, 擺設配合顏色主題, 提升店舖形象的體驗空間, 讓客戶享受"囍悅", 將花藝術與珠寶精湛工藝連結, 增強與顧客之間的互動

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June 20, 2018

[Fresh Wedding Bouquet] Most popular flowers are peonies and David Austin garden roses on seasonal. There’s no question about why people love these flowers so much and the colors and ruffled petals just make us swoon!
Wedding flower inspiration@foliagestore floral...

May 14, 2018

[ Happy Mothers Day 💐] 今年推出了的母親節新花品, 店主很滿意啊, 因為無論在鮮花, 植物盆栽, 絲花, 保鮮花禮品都有不同需求, 昨天回鋪發現大部份都被買走了, 很高興大家喜歡Foliagestore design, 希望大家送的小心意, 各位媽咪都同樣喜歡, 今天早上仍有花盒班, 忙完要同親人共聚時光喔☕️!

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January 26, 2018

[ 鮮花 ] 紐西蘭產地的繡球花質量非常好, 瓣葉茂密齊整, 而且顏色自然, 尤其是相中的淺海藍, 更是好難先一遇, 推荐給喜愛繡球及淺藍色的你們

January 11, 2018

[Fresh Wedding Bouquet] The large, elegant blooms made Juliet utterly different from most other contemporary cut roses. When fully open, the blooms reveal many neatly-arranged petals nestling in folds within the heart of the bloom.
[ 婚禮鮮花球] 這年最Hit 的用花及色調之選可算係粉, 橙粉及桃紅的c...

November 14, 2017

婚禮絲花球班 Wedding Faux Bouquet floral Workshop 

One day class : 絲花球班 
Date:3 DEC 2017(class20)(SUN)
Time:14:00 -17:00
Location:Foliagestore @ Prince Edward 
報名程序︰請pm確認, 以最先付款者優先留位
** 絲花球課會附送新郎襟花1個及精美花球盒1個 **

October 31, 2017

[Fresh Wedding Bouquet] Fruitful on bouquet - ORANGE Juliet Garden Rose, PINK Ranunculus, LACE Mini-Rose, SCUBA BLUE Hydrangeas, Pure White Eucharis Lily. If a colorful bouquet laced with fruit filled accents is your jam, then you've got to see this saturated posy and...

October 30, 2017

[ Gift of flower ] The classic symbol of love for years, carefully selected vibrant roses for your sweetheart. This bouquet includes 3 different types of 51 roses each in a bunch. 
[ 鮮花束 ] 求婚花束❤️愛的經典,玫瑰花象徵永恆不變,精心採購新鮮AAA+的玫瑰為您的甜心。這花束包括3種不同大小的玫塊,主花共51朵, 為你完美呈獻,嫁給我吧!


October 29, 2017

[Fresh Wedding Bouquet] Wedding Inspiration in Pretty a Peach & Powder Blue Palette Bouquet, in soft white and pastel shades, alongside some sweet vintage styling, form layers of exquisite beauty in this dreamy "tail of summer" wedding vision brought to life.
[ 婚禮鮮花球 ]...

October 28, 2017

[ 婚禮鮮花球 ] 美好的, 無論襯黑與白, 都能夠突顯花球. 碰巧搭了灰,黑服飾, 就隨心地作背景底, 拍出來的畫面能看見另一味道!😊 每間花店都有自我的風格, 我們不斷地提升美感,希望能夠跟藝術合而為一,大家能感受到嗎?

花球用了純潔的白色, 清新的綠色為主題, 特別是加插優雅的文竹,呈現一份書香氣

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