July 4, 2018

[ Blooms on Truck ] 第一擊- Flowers Roadshow 🌷🌹🚚↗️

今日 Foliagestore Blooms Truck🌺🚚 中午到了荔枝角 即場紮花禮及派送優惠卷. 我們用獨特, 與別不同的方式跟社區的妳們會面, 準備好成貨車的花已在不足一小時內極速送出, 多謝大家的喜愛,希望這些花能帶給大家歡笑

香港人努力呀💭💭🎨, 每周將會繼續在社區派送,有緣份便會遇上我們Foliagestore風格及設計的花

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June 20, 2018

[Fresh Wedding Bouquet] Most popular flowers are peonies and David Austin garden roses on seasonal. There’s no question about why people love these flowers so much and the colors and ruffled petals just make us swoon!
Wedding flower inspiration@foliagestore floral...

June 16, 2018

[ Mega Flower Bouquet ] 不知從何而來的臂彎, 超大花束真係男人做係型既. A unique flaming red petal with yellow margins gives this lily an exotic look. Bright red to orange love this colours! 🔶🔴✴️

More collection 👇👇

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January 31, 2018

[Foliage NewYear2018 - 蝴蝶蘭]新一輪的蘭花又返了一批新貨, 顏色都係店主親自揀選, 即刻入手蝴蝶蘭年花, 裝飾漂亮的家居, 辦公室或送禮.

January 9, 2018

[Foliage Gift - Orchids] You really know about the benefits of watching flowers, even though they are water-cut flowers or ornamental plants, the protective effect that helps people feel more relaxed and happy. Please do not hesitate to reward yourself the flower pots...

November 14, 2017

婚禮絲花球班 Wedding Faux Bouquet floral Workshop 

One day class : 絲花球班 
Date:3 DEC 2017(class20)(SUN)
Time:14:00 -17:00
Location:Foliagestore @ Prince Edward 
報名程序︰請pm確認, 以最先付款者優先留位
** 絲花球課會附送新郎襟花1個及精美花球盒1個 **

October 31, 2017

[Fresh Wedding Bouquet] Fruitful on bouquet - ORANGE Juliet Garden Rose, PINK Ranunculus, LACE Mini-Rose, SCUBA BLUE Hydrangeas, Pure White Eucharis Lily. If a colorful bouquet laced with fruit filled accents is your jam, then you've got to see this saturated posy and...

October 30, 2017

[ Gift of flower ] The classic symbol of love for years, carefully selected vibrant roses for your sweetheart. This bouquet includes 3 different types of 51 roses each in a bunch. 
[ 鮮花束 ] 求婚花束❤️愛的經典,玫瑰花象徵永恆不變,精心採購新鮮AAA+的玫瑰為您的甜心。這花束包括3種不同大小的玫塊,主花共51朵, 為你完美呈獻,嫁給我吧!


October 27, 2017

Come to enjoy excellent experience of shopping and ARTs with floral.
周末到了周大福YOHO體驗店完成了一連兩日的活動, 當日的彩色滿天星花吸引了很多人來親手做花, 現場的彩星花樹同場地很合襯, 體現在購物環境兼具藝術, 讓顧客分享本地藝術創作, 增加購物過程中的感染力. 同場嘉賓JW好nice r!!

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October 21, 2017

[F. Arrangement] Floral centerpiece is the finest and freshest available. All blooms are brought back to our design studios, where they are optimum, before we style them into our masterpieces for your event.

星期一又開始返工, 分享一下家居/辦公室枱花設計及佈置 - 用上簡單的鮮花做擺設。企業落單要求淺粉及淺紫藍襯色, 取自當天新...

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