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Retails Flower 零售時令花卉預訂

Seasonal fresh-cut flowers pick by FOLIAGE Florist, Limited time trial run online for pre-order weekly, direct imported flowers, shopping online and direct to your home.

每周精選鮮花 - 期間限定, 鮮花海外直送, 由你親自挑選, 網上安全付款, 直送到家


我們現在沒有任何商品 可以展示。

^ 如個別花卉未有列入本周預訂, 可WHATSAPP +85266444643 本店查詢代訂 (或需一定數量)

* 請留意本周預訂計劃時序安排, 零售鮮花材可供本店自取 / 送花上門 Retail Flowers Home Delivery $100運費起

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