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FoliageStore 慶祝一些事──在 FoliageStore。

#Foliagestore 葉子花店於2011年成立,一直專注於婚禮花藝服務,提供鮮/絲花球、襟手花、車花及場地佈置等所有花藝設計服務。過去 5 年得到準新人信任,店主統計一下原來設計過的絲/鮮花球超過1,000款,特別係度整理返所有作品,提供方便資料給新婚人士參考或查詢。詳情:

FoliageStore is a elegant style flower shop in the design of real/silk floral since 2011. We had designed over 1,000 #bouquet works at #FoliageStore. We’re proud to present you with our extensive collection of beautiful flowers. All of our bunches of flowers are expertly created by hand, using only the finest blooms, and delivered as promised, with a blessing. More on,

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