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[F. Arrangement] 講述你的Pre-Wedding 的故事。

[F. Arrangement] 講述你的Pre-Wedding 的故事。

"An Elegant Rose Quartz Wedding Inspiration Shooting!!!" A beautiful lawn pre-wedding inspiration shoot in a lovely soft palette of forest & green, with just a sweetheart. It is nature, romantic and oh so chic!

加入大量精緻海外裝飾、藝術擺件及手寫西洋書法,提升了這次Fine Art Pre-wedding 以柔和的色彩製作西方風格的花卉和佈置,捕捉一對新人完全融入與大自然及他們故事的靈感當中。

Please inbox us for your story. More Info.

Photographer @Honeybirdweddingphotography Flower bouquet and decoration @FoliageStoreFloral Makeup and hairdo @merrymarry05 Makeup Artist Wedding gown and Men suit @infinilovebridal Bridal

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